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VOLUME 51 (3) (August 2019)

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VOLUME 51 (4) (November 2019/Forthcoming) 

MOHAMMAD HAMDAN “Every Sperm Is Sacred”: Palestinian Prisoners, Smuggled Semen, and Derrida’s Prophecy
SABIHA ALLOUCHE Queering Heterosexual (Intersectarian) Love in Lebanon
JAKOB KRAIS Muscular Muslims: Scouting in Late Colonial Algeria between Nationalism and Religion
RANIA KASSAB SWEIS Doctors with Borders: Hierarchies of Humanitarians and the Syrian Civil War
ISACAR A. BOLAÑOS The Ottomans during the Global Crises of Cholera and Plague: The View from Iraq and the Gulf

ROUNDTABLE: Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa
JEANNIE SOWERS Understanding Climate Vulnerability in the Middle East and North Africa
MICHAEL MASON Climate Change and Conflict in the Middle East
KAREN RIGNALL Living Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa

ELIZABETH M. HOLT, Fictitious Capital: Silk, Cotton, and the Rise of the Arabic Novel (Rebecca C. Johnson)
NADIA YAQUB, Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution (Diana Allan)
JOANNE RANDA NUCHO, Everyday Sectarianism in Urban Lebanon: Infrastructures, Public Services, and Power (Raja Abillama)
HIBA BOU AKAR, For the War Yet to Come: Planning Beirut’s Frontiers (Christine Mady)
JULIE MARIE PETEET, Space and Mobility in Palestine (Sa’ed Atshan)
ASLI IĞSIZ, Humanism in Ruins: Entangled Legacies of the Greek-Turkish Population Exchange (Beth Baron)
JOHN MCHUGO, A Concise History of Sunnis & Shiʿis (Christine D. Baker)
AVI RUBIN, Ottoman Rule of Law and the Modern Political Trial: The Yıldız Case (Fariba Zarinebaf)
FRUMA ZACHS AND SHARON HALEVI, Gendering Culture in Greater Syria: Intellectuals and Ideology in the Late Ottoman Period (Toufoul       Abou-Hodeib)
KATAYOUN SHAFIEE, Machineries of Oil: An Infrastructural History of BP in Iran (Peyman Jafari)
ASHER ORKABY, Beyond the Arab Cold War: The International History of the Yemen Civil War, 1962–68 (John M. Willis)
ROHAN DAVIS, Western Imaginings: The Intellectual Contest to Define Wahhabism (Michael Farquhar)
MATT BUEHLER, Why Alliances Fail: Islamist and Leftist Coalitions in North Africa (Ian M. Hartshorn)